Privacy Policy



1.    General Terms and Conditions



1.1.  LLC “                     (hereinafter
“Company”) protects personal data of persons visiting the Company's website (hereinafter “Website”) in accordance with the
legislative acts applicable in the Republic of Latvia. The Company has carried
out all necessary measures in order to ensure the security of personal data and
prevent it from being unduly obtained by third parties.

1.2.  Information on the Website's users obtained as
a result of using the Website is processed in compliance with the purposes for
which it was obtained.

1.3.  In order to view the Website and the offers
available thereon, it is not necessary to share your personal information. The
Website's content is freely accessible, and any person may obtain all necessary
information about the offered services without having to register.

1.4.  For a person to be able to use the transport
services offered on the Website, additional personal information must be
provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement on using
the Website and this person will be registered as the Website's User.

1.5.  In order for the Company to be able to provide
services and assess the necessity to improve the Website's content, the Company
is entitled to also process information on the Website's visitors, which is
included in the Website's access files, for example IP address, Internet
service provider, time of visiting the Website, viewed sections, etc.

1.6.  In order to be
able to offer, and to ensure the availability of, transport services on the
Website, the Company collects and discloses data which include the data of
persons registered on the Website (hereinafter and above “User”).

1.7.  At the same
time, the Company applies all necessary means in order to protect the privacy
of the Users.

1.8.  The Privacy
Policy applies only to the Website and not to websites linked to this Website.

1.9.  When accessing
the Website and/or any part of service indicated thereon or when using it
and/or registering on the Website, a visitor and/or the User of the Website
agrees to observe the terms and conditions of the Agreement on using the
Website and this Privacy Disclaimer.

The Company is entitled, without any advance warning,
to amend the terms and conditions of the Agreement on using the Website and
this Privacy Disclaimer. Notice regarding amendments will be published on the
Website and sent to the User's e-mail address provided by the User when
registering on the Website.







2.    Collection of information


2.1.  The Company collects and stores User
information which the User provides to the Company when registering

2.2.  on the Website. The information may include but
is not limited to:


User name, surname;

e-mail address;

telephone number;

travel details,
including flight number, travel destination address, travel dates;

when registering on the
Website, the User's password is stored (hidden).



3.    Purpose of collection of information

Any person
may visit the Website and remain anonymous. In
such a case, the Company may access only the person's Internet service
provider's name, website from which the person has been directed to the Website
and which pages the person views on the Website. This information is collected and
analysed for statistical purposes and for internal studies.

After a person registers on the Website
as its User, all information provided during registration and using the Website
may be used for the following purposes (hereinafter “Purposes”):

To offer the services listed on the
Website and to ensure the provision and delivery thereof;

To ensure the execution of the terms and
conditions of the Agreement on using the Website;

To improve the quality of the offered

To contact the User;

To carry out studies;

To ensure communication between the User
and and to ensure the provision and delivery of the services
selected by the User.

In the case a User has infringed the
terms and conditions of the Agreement on using the Website, Privacy Policy
and/or any other liabilities and/or obligations arising from using the Website,
the Company is entitled to contact the User and to take all necessary legal
actions towards the User.



4.    Disclosure of information


The Company will not disclose User
information except in the following cases:

The User has consented to such a

It is necessary in order to ensure the
provision of services to the User;

It is requested by third parties which
provide services to the User in accordance with the terms and conditions of the
Agreement on using the Website, in order to begin or stop the provision of
services to the User;

Disclosure of information is laid down in
the legislative acts or requested by law enforcement authorities;

It is necessary in order to prevent fraudulent
transactions and activities committed by the User or any third person;

Company and/or the Website has been sold to, or merged with, another company or
website and the information is handed over to the new owners for the continued
provision of the services;

It is necessary in order to protect the
Company's and/or third parties' rights and interests due to an infringement of
the terms and conditions of the Agreement on using the Website and/or Privacy
Policy and/or service provision.



5.    Cookies

5.1.  Google and
Google partner web pages feature the Company's advertisements, and for these
purposes cookies are used as the advertisements are visible due to the fact
that the Website has been previously visited using the specific Internet

5.2.  The Website
uses cookies that ensure more extended options of using the Website. Depending
on the features of the technologies used it is possible to disable cookies but
this is not recommended as this way the Website's options will be reduced. The
Company recommends that, in the case the cookies remain enabled, the User
should make sure to log out of the Website when the User is finished with using

5.3.  The
Website's visitors can restrict, block, delete or disable the cookies. If the
Website's visitor wants to restrict, block or delete the cookies, this is
possible by changing the settings of the browser used by the visitor. In order
to obtain general additional information about cookies and to find out how to
manage them, read the information available at:

5.4.  In order
to ensure the organisation of work within the world wide web environment and
before staring to use the Website, the Company recommends to make sure that
your computer has an updated and operational anti-virus software as well as
that the operating system features all currently available security