Cheap transfers from Venice to Livigno

  Livigno is a city in a specially managed area in the province of Sondrio, located in the Italian Alps, near the Swiss border.
  Until the 1970s, Livigno was a peasant village. However, everything has changed in recent decades, and today Livigno has a better economic situation and a larger population. Livigno's economy is based on both winter and summer tourism and its duty-free status, where goods are sold at good prices.
  Livigno has a special tax status as a duty-free zone. Although VAT is not paid, income taxes are there, so Livigno cannot be considered a tax haven.
  Livigno is located 1816 meters above sea level. Trepalle, a fascia in the municipality of Livigno, is considered to be the most populous parish in Europe.
  Most of the winter is spent under the frost and the snow is abundant. Summer is the only part of the year where the temperature is higher than 10 ° C and frost is less common.
  There are only three roads to the city. Two connections to the Swiss road through Forcola di Livigno, at an altitude of 2315 meters and open only in summer, and the second through the Munt la Schera tunnel. The third road connects with other parts of Italy via the Foscagno passage, which is 2291 meters high.
  When leaving Livigno for the rest of Italy or Switzerland, there are customs checkpoints on the road that regularly check travelers to ensure that certain customs restrictions are not exceeded.