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Montreux is a municipality and a Swiss city on the shores of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps.
Montreux is a traditional resort town on Lake Geneva. Between the steep hills and the lake shore it is known for its mild climate.
Montreux has been an important tourist destination since the 19th century, thanks to its mild climate. The region includes many Belle Époque castles and hotels near the shores of Lake Geneva.

Montreux is also known for its many international universities, where students study from all over the world.

Montreux hosts several festivals:

Freddie's Celebration - Montreux celebrates this important and completely free event in Montreal around September 5, the birthday of the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

Montreux Jazz Festival every July.

The Montreux Gold Prize, held annually in April, is traditionally the first international advertising and multimedia competition in Europe.