Cheap transfers from Riga airport

Riga Airport, officially known as Riga International Airport (RIX), is the main international airport in Latvia and one of the largest and most important airports in the Baltic States. Its location is approximately 10 kilometers north of Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Riga Airport is popular for a few reasons:

Strategic location: Riga Airport is located very close to the center of Riga city, which allows tourists to get to the capital quickly and easily. It is also convenient access to other Baltic states and European capitals.

Availability of flights: Riga airport provides an extensive list of flights to many European destination cities. It allows travelers to choose different routes and get easy access to different countries of the world.

Presence of low-cost airlines: Several low-cost airlines operate at Riga Airport, offering economical flights to various European destination cities. This makes Riga a popular choice for those looking for economical travel solutions.

Tourist attractions in Riga: As the capital, Riga offers many cultural, historical and entertainment opportunities. Tourists can enjoy the architecture of the old town, visit museums, enjoy Latvian cuisine and participate in various cultural events.

Business and conference center: Riga Airport has also become a popular business and conference destination, attracting many business people and conference participants.

In general, Riga Airport is an important hub for both tourists and business travelers, offering ample opportunities to enjoy both Latvia and other European regions.

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